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Up to that point in history, this was the most deadly war in the history of the world. Britian had almost decided to come in on the side of the south, but decided not to because they didnt want to be beated by the same country 3 times in 100 years.
the civil war was the true defining moment in american history, when the europe like south was defeated by the north, 640,000 men died.
by yankee October 08, 2005
20 44
The act of dippin with two uppers, and two lowers, all in a different corner of the mouth at the same time.
Tony loves Skoal Straight so much that he has been known to throw in a civil war regularrly
by Bdigitty October 07, 2003
9 35
What America is on the brink of.
America is on the brink of another civil war thanks to Bill Clinton dividing everyone against eachother
so well.
by <o><o> check his fuckin head August 24, 2004
34 64
Nipple Peircing (multiple in one nipple)
She has a civil war on both tits.
by Nekkid August 12, 2003
9 49