In reference to the American Civil War:

Also known as The War of Northern Aggression. This conflicted started when the Federal Government overstepped its boundaries and interfered in the affairs of sovereign states. Slavery, while an controversial issue, was not the cause of the war, most people in the South were impoverished, and had not slaves. People often justify the war, saying the war's purpose was to "free the slaves." In reality, it was part of an over-arching Federalist conspiracy.
the one in the 1860s. civil war
by don't be a retard March 21, 2009
a mother fucking oxy moron. Or, sectarian violence fought between different factions within a single country.
"I don't think that the conflict in Iraq constitutes a civil war, because if it were they would be fighting with polite words, not bullets and hand grenades," said Gretchen.
"That may be true, but how about the American Civil War," questioned Jenny.
"It wasn't very genteel either." -Gretchen
by Grizzenny November 28, 2006
When A country is divided by issues and it causes conflict between two camps.

Such As the British civil war, Parliment Vs. Royalty.

Or the French Civil War, where they introduced the use of the gullitine.

America is not the only country to have had a CIVIL war.
"Im learning about the Civil War in History"

"Oh, Gee, i know all about that, are you confused about the Missouri Compromise, i sure know i was"

". . . Red Roses, White Roses, Oliver Cromwell?"

"Silly, there wasn't any roses in The Civil War"

". . ."
by idonthaveaname October 01, 2006
A war fought in an amiable, courteous manner.
My brother was killed in a civil war. He was a victim of friendly fire.
by BasicJay July 30, 2011
A War fought between the northern union states and the southern confederate states. The war began in 1861 and was ENDED IN 1865 WHEN THE NORTH WON.
Give it a rest you southern hick, the north won the war in 1865 so stop flying your confederate flag and be a true american.
by BravesSuck September 02, 2003
the war that occurred in the United States during the 1860s under President Abraham Lincoln that caused the highest number of casualties than any American war. It was a war between the North (the Union) and the South (the Confederacy) that centered around slavery—the North wanted it abolished while the South permitted it for economic reasons. The central issue of slavery began to divide the country in the 1840s as members of Congress bickered over the issue and as new states entered the Union. When a new “free” state entered the union, a new slave state was required do the same to create a balance. It even divided certain states themselves-- Missouri and Virginia, by which West Virginia seceeded from it after the war.

The war began shortly after Abe Lincoln became President in 1861 when the Confederacy attacked the Union's Fort Sumter, South Carolina—allegedly by mistake--and didn’t end until 1865 when Confederacy General Robert E. Lee surrendered to Union Commander Ulysses S. Grant in Appomattox Courthouse in Virginia. The Battle of Anteitem was the deadliest battle of the War. Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis should have all been hung afterwards for being a traitor to the United States, in my opinion.
The Civil war was the bloodiest war in American history and a very sad chapter in American history.
by krock1dk May 25, 2008
Up to that point in history, this was the most deadly war in the history of the world. Britian had almost decided to come in on the side of the south, but decided not to because they didnt want to be beated by the same country 3 times in 100 years.
the civil war was the true defining moment in american history, when the europe like south was defeated by the north, 640,000 men died.
by yankee October 08, 2005

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