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Pronounced Shity Wok. City Wok is a Chinese Resturant on South Park managed by a Chinese Guy. All his foods names begin with City but is pronounced Shity eg. Shity Beef...
"Harro, Welcome To Shity Wok, Like To Try Some Shity Chicken Todei?"

"Hello, Welcome to city wok, would you like to try some city chicken today?"
by 733 April 11, 2007
1. A popular Chinese restuarant chain
2. A parody of the resturant chain on South Park. City Wok is owned and operated by Tuong Lu Kim. The City Wok building is also the home of City Airlines.
"This City Wok, helpa take order prease?"

"dude, City Wok is the coolest restaurant ever"
"i agree, Kung Pow chicken FTW"
by Jordan Denny July 04, 2006
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