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Water mixed with sugar. Commonly consumed in the inner cities of the United States.
I gonna go make me som' City Juice.
by Barsanuphius T. Smith April 11, 2009
Any unknown liquid coming from above in an urban setting.
Spit, Beer, Urine, Air Conditioner Drip, etc..
"I thought I got hit by some City Juice but I think it was just raining."
by DOGGIE-C September 25, 2008
Water that comes from a faucet .
He was thirsty so he filled up a pitcher of city juice.
by vintagewords October 15, 2011
a) tap water

b) any liquid that appears to be secreted by our urban surroundings
a) Sorry I'm out of beer. Is city juice alright?

b) Every time I walk my dog I have to be careful to keep her from drinking the city juice
by slow learner July 27, 2009
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