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1. Soft well maintained feet usually never seen without some kind of shoe or sandal on.

2. City feet would never be able to walk barefoot outside the house without being miserbale and in pain without shoes on.

3. City Feet the opposite of country feet.
Person 1: Ooch! The ground is so hot. I can't find my sandals anywhere.

Person 2: You and your city feet...just can't hang.
by Latina_Lorie July 22, 2009
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Being adept at wearing high heels persistently whilst living in a city (In effect, an above-average amount of walking/running to catch taxis).

This can include a period of blisters, bruises, soreness and uneasiness. This is usually followed by callouses, and the ability to rock five-inch pumps down fifteen city blocks.
"She asked me if my stilettos hurt at the end of the day, and I assured her I was fine; I have my city feet."
by Keleigh Wolf September 01, 2008

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