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n. 1. state of mind: dissent in spite of odds

2. code of conduct/ethics

v. 3. resist social decline

4. to fight back
-- Dude, what is with these anti-public sector cuts protestors? Don't they know they're just pissing in the wind?

-- They can't help themselves, man. They give a shit when they don't have to. They're riddled with City Blues.

-- Poor bastards.

-- Yeah. It rough going.

-- God help them.

-- God help us all.
by sophie abrahams March 26, 2011
Clothing store that is literally EVERYWHERE in the city of Philadelphia, or at least in Center City. Market Street has maybe 15 of them, give or take. Sells mostly hip-hop apparel. On South St. there's the Lady Blue shop too as well as the kids one.
I got my Sean John hoodie at City Blue cause I couldn't find one I liked at KOP.
by someone18 September 08, 2006

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