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A Citrus Kiss is when two people in a relationship have just messily devoured a citrus fruit(orange, lemon, etc.) normally of two different kinds, and directly afterwords make-out passionately. Can be quite sticky, but enjoyable for people who love citrus. Can be done with citrus drinks for a less sticky experience.
Sally:*throws down orange peel* Hey baby wanna citrus kiss?
Tom:One second, let me just finish my grapefruit.
by KipKip February 22, 2011
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An auto-erotic sex act in which a male nails or otherwise attaches a dildo to a wall or other similar structure and proceeds to use the dildo for self stimulation anal style. Named for the appearance of the participant's face during the act which often resembles the facial expression produced by sucking on a cut lemon.
Yo! I hear that dude is into some weird stuff man. Like citrus kisses.
by blahblahblahblahblah45 February 25, 2011
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