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what these morons are saying is 100% untrue.
Cinnaminson is a fine, clean and financially secure town. Has hard working residents, nice stores, fine restaurants, NO graffiti and no trouble to speak of. The high school is constantly rated at the top in the county,.
by cinn lover June 04, 2009
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A town in southern New Jersey. Widely known for trucker motels, prostitutes, it's drugged-out high school, and Friendly's. There is nothing to do in this town other than eat shit and die, or go to Friendly's. Also called Cin City.
A) Cinnaminson sucks ass. B) People go to Friendly's when they have the munchies in Cinnaminson.
by Lauren December 05, 2004
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a small town in new jersey. where different groups of kids wander the streets high as fuck, looking for food at 711 or wawa. they think having a good time is going over to a friends house and sitting around smoking blunts/cigerettes and drinking alcohol. & just getting FUCKED up.
yo you wanna come over and smoke this blunt with me.

fuck yeah were in cinnaminson
by cinncitylover January 11, 2011
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a place
in new jersey
that isnt cracked out
itjust blows.
cause there is nothing to do here.



by bobby January 06, 2005
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Cinnaminson is a small town in South Jersey also known as Cinn City. We don't go HAM we go HIP which is known as HARD IN THE PAINT. Going HIP consists of throwing bangers and getting fucked up on a regular basis. We rep VOODOO all day everyday. Wolfpack is a bitch.
Kid 1 : Yo wanna go HIP?
Kid 2: Fuck yeah were in Cinnaminson, VOODOO all day!
Kid 1: Shword my dude.
by VOODOOallday September 09, 2011
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One of the most boring places on Earth. To have any fun you must travel to the next town. However, luckily we are right across the river from Phildelphia so South Street is a regular hangout. If you wanna spend your Friday and Saturday night hanging out in Mcdonalds parking lot then this is definetly your heaven. Harassing of Friendly's waitresses is something that MUST be done when you are either high or drunk (I should know I work there) The high school is know as Heroin High and considering our close proximity to Camden its easy to understand why. All C-town kids understand that a trip to the local diner at 3am is not something out of the ordinary, but yet again that is the MOST exciting thing to do in this town.
the typical C-Town night

Kid 1: What ya wanna do?
Kid 2: I dunno what you wanna do?
Kid 1: I dunno...
...........4 hours later
Kid 1: so...what ya wanna do?
Kid 2: diner?
Kid 1: ....k
by lil' pizzel April 25, 2005
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1.)The birthplace of sodomy.

2.)Most notable resident is Valerie Sgro.

3.)Mostly known for crappy motels, closed down gas stations, and the main two drugs are pot and steroids. If your not doing one of those, you probably are in the wrong town.

4.)Brother's Pizza is good, but don't get a pepperoni pie, the grease seeps into the underbelly of the crust.
Cinn-City-Citizen #1: Hey man how do i get from your house from here?
Cinn-City-Citizen #2: You just go down 130, turn at the abandoned gas station, pass the shitty motel, and you're there. If you pass the group of three abandoned gas stations, you've gone too far.
Cinn-City-Citizen #1: Ah fuck, there's no streetlights in Cinnaminson, I'm just gonna get some Brother's.
by Milton Street '08 September 19, 2007
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