A rather amusing coiling of an unusually long, thin and hairy piece of shit at the bottom of the toilet. See also snain

Alt. definition The dried aromatic inner bark of certain tropical Asian trees in the genus Cinnamomum, also used to garnish a cinnabon
1. Mmmmmmmmmmm.....cinnabon.

2. Duder...I need that spatula to fish out the cinnabon from the toilet...I'm going to garnish it with a little cinnabon too.
by The Snainmaster February 25, 2005
Top Definition

1. The result of doggy-style vaginal copulation with a woman while fisting her and alternating hands (i.e. kneading the dough) until rectal prolapse is achieved revealing swirls of fecal matter (i.e. the cinnamon) followed by the male withdrawing from the vagina and ejaculating on the prolapsed mucosa (i.e. applying frosting).
What's that smell? Mmmmmm, it's so familiar…and it's sooooo good! You know what it is…you can taste it…it's Cinnabon! Nothing compares to ooey, gooey, melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon rolls.


We had dinner, then I took her home and made her a cinnabon.
by The Muffinman September 26, 2012
A 'cinnabon' is performed when a woman manually stimulates a man to completion and then licks the cum off of her fingers.
She thanked me for dinner and I offered her a cinnabon for dessert.
by Thump22 November 11, 2014
after sex, defecating on your partners chest and topping it off with ejaculate frosting.
What I really want more than anything for my birthday, is for my boyfriend to shit on my chest and then cum on top of it, giving me a cinnabon.
by Shmoozie May 29, 2011
when you take a handful of powdered cinnamon and blow it into your ladies face and then shoot your load onto her face.
I made her face into a cinnabon like a champ last night.
by Bravelas Van Fosht April 27, 2009
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