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Person that goes into random descriptive rants about movies, inputting various anecdotes as if they were actually in the movie. Often dresses up like characters from movies and blurts out their famous sound bites.
Michael Bolton is a major cinefile.
by SalisburySwaggggggg May 15, 2011
To be obsessed with movies. There are also cases where a cinefile is sexually aroused by a movie (includes characters from the film).
- Did you watch the film marathon yesterday? The one that went on for nine hours.
- No way, dude! I'm not a cinefile freak like you.
- Oh god, Jack Sparrow is so hot. Don't you agree?
- Yeah, Johnny Depp is pretty hot.
- No, not the actor. I mean the character. Oh, Jack. You can rob me anyday.
- You're such a cinefile.
by 13ET May 16, 2011
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