Anyone who spells their name Cindi with an I, not a Y, is definitely a stripper/hooker bent on world domination. And learn to know that if she dots her i's with little hearts, you can get some pretty easy but the world might end...
Guy: Hey whats your name?
Cindy: Hi, Im Cindy with a Y.
Guy: Pfft get outa my car.
*next corner on third street*
Guy: Hey, whats your name cutie?
Cindi: Hey baby, its Cindi with an I.
Guy: Hellz yeah!!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!! LETS GET IT ONNNNN!!! AHHHHHH!!!
by S-ROD7861 December 27, 2008
Top Definition

Refreshing, lively, honest, faithful and always on top of things. True friendship when earned. Quite nice to look at.
by Hilda MacLean February 04, 2010
(SIN dee)

Pleasant, Adorable, Bright, Perfect, Beautiful, Mysterious, Loyal, Successful, Confident, Kind, and Out going and the list just keeps going on..

The name Cindi originally an epithet of the Greek Moon Goddess and comes from Mount Kynthos! The name Cindi is also a pet form of Cynthia!
So in the end Cindi we be your best bet for a good friend! c(=
by I Eat ABCcc July 20, 2011
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