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Cinco de Marcho is the official holiday that marks the beginning of the 12-day season where you begin training your liver for St. Patty's Day.
It is properly celebrated by combining the rich traditions of both St. Patty's Day and Cinco de Mayo. Learn more at
Did you know that Pepe o'Toole is one of the official mascots of Cinco de Marcho?
by Carlos Fantastico! May 11, 2010
A play off the holiday "Cinco de Mayo", but is pretty much just an excuse to drink on the 5th day of every March. And after all, any excuse to drink is a good one.
Bob: "What are you going to do for Cinco de Marcho?"

Tony: "Same thing as you, go to the bar and get blacked out drunk!"
by jeru411 March 03, 2010
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