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A high school on the westside in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In this school you'll find corruption and less than adequate teaching. The security guards are corrupt assholes that turn the other cheek when many of the "hood" kids are smoking or doing some sort of drug. The janitors and custodians can be secretly paid off to "accidently" leave some main doors unlocked overnight so various criminal activity can be played out. The food is moderate, it doesn't provide nutrients but it helps fill the stomach as sand and dirt could. Most teachers too old to be teaching and are complete dickheads, although there are some teachers that plain out "kick ass" and know the right way to teach and not bore the holy fuck out of you. The school's administration is completely corrupt and belong in jail, they are tools for the bureaucrats that control the city and are completely ignorant. The "drug trade" at this school is very lucrative and not secret. If you ask the right people, you too can be making more than 85 dollars a week. A sharp pair of eyes can spot more than 10-30 deals a day, most of which being marijuana, shrooms, or some sort of pill. The staff is completely oblivious to this problem, the few that do know (security) don't usually care. Bullying is not much of a problem. Some fights may occur but most of which are over sexual relationships or cause the other kid was looking at you. A fight can last from 5 to 45 sec until the guard filing her nails notice's all the kids running to go see the physical encounter. Surprisingly no student has gotten sick of the bullshit and shot up the place. Well thats the definition of Cibola High School in a nutshell.

For more information of the school, go to it and see.
The boy who went to Cibola High School became a criminal and ended up in jail, he was a drop out like most of his other classmates.
by whodatnigga0998 September 27, 2009
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