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An Athies that feeds off of his yellow-brownish ass butter, witch he gets by fingering his ass for at least 4 hours a day. He also uses his assbutter for lucubration when he has his way with small african boys. He also is in to hardcore bestiality, his favorites animals are deers,cats,cows,horses,and snakes. Cian also has a fetish for locking fat kids in his basement, witch is just a fun past time for him.
Guy: Wow he fingers his ass hard Girl: Ya, hes such a cian logue
by Lalia100 January 21, 2014

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A gay boy that enjoys taking it in the ass from men and horses. One of his other hobbies is getting Cleveland steamers, and gargling jizz.
Have you seen Cian Logue?
Yeah, he's such a fag.
by Laila9696 December 23, 2013