1. Used to describe something shitty: Bunk; Foolish; Cheap; Bogus; Not Good; Illegitimate; Nonsense.

2. Commonly used as a substitute in the name of something that you don't like.
1. That shit is Chype, I ain't trying to fux with it

2. Get me out of this Chype as* city
by Slixkids716 April 06, 2011
Top Definition
(noun) Refers to a person who is a chump that is surrounding by hype.
Phil Kessel is such a chype for being drafted last overall in the NHL All Star game.
by chype-asaurus rex March 21, 2011
The state of being both chill and hype. In a positive mood, ready to party and loving people. If you're the kind of person that gets really drunk and acts out, but is never a violent drunk, you may be chype.
My old college roommate is coming into town this weekend. We're gonna have a real chype time man.
by Conciliator February 20, 2015
To chat via typing. usually for a very VERY long time.
I was chyping with this guy all night!
by Qw33n Kuma November 13, 2003
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