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When your intoxicated and back someone into a corner with ramblings. Usually accompanied by hand gestures.
I didn't enjoy the pary because that cat was churting me all night.
by Rubberduck5 October 27, 2009
The act of being dull, boring, kind of grey, and specifically draining to the person that is having to listen to you.

Acting or speaking in a way that saps the energy of the other person involved in the conversation, and makes them seriously lose the will to live.
Example conversation:

A: Hi, how's it going?
Churter (said in slightly depressed voice): Oh, not so well. You know, I'm not really all that happy today.
A: Oh really? Never mind.
Churter (in same monotone): Yeah, I feel a bit fed up, and I'm tired, as usual. Life's boring, and sometimes I just don't know why I bother...

etc etc etc...


churter - a churting person / a person with a churting personality / person with a dull and depressing personality.

churtful - feeling rather churting / in a churting mood / feeling dull and depressed

churted - to have been churting to someone e.g. That guy really churted earlier = that guy really bored the life out of me, and my good mood has gone.

to be churted - She totally churts me = speaking to her makes me want to shoot myself.

a churtflirt - a deathly dull person trying to attract someone. e.g. by telling them about the death of their hamster, and how they were bullied at school for being in the computer club.
by Nicky and Dave Hadley June 12, 2007
This kinky act involves a male taking a shit and saving the longest piece. This piece is then wrapped in saran wrap and placed in the freezer until needed. When the time arrives, the male retrieves the churt and proceeds to screw his partner with the frozen shit.
Note: It is perfectly acceptable to use someone else's churt with your girl
"He's in the bedroom churting her"

"I love it when you churt me with your giant frozen logs"
by Ri Queef February 27, 2006
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