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Churchin' is the process of flirting with multiple girls at the same time. Often occurs in the context of a church retreat or mission trip. Similar to Cakin' it, but with multiple parters.
(Michael walks in surrounded by a group of three girls.)

"Daaaamn Michael, stop churchin'!"
by Vitullo November 23, 2008
1. to proceed from one church to another, attending mass after mass, religious services, and/or basement show(s);
similar to clubbing, but of the religious variety;
also churching;

2. like bitchin' but of more popish appeal;
1. We should totally go churchin' tonight: mass at 5 at St. Paul's, Confession before that at St. Leonard's, and later mewithoutYou at St. Peter's Basilica.

2. Did you see Father's moves; he's churchin'!
by xMarcox March 25, 2008