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Typically a group of heavy drinkers with marginal athletic ability, who managed to stay sober long enough to organize a team and occasionally a roster. Players wear matching uniforms to make the parking lot drinking location easy for teammates to find. Games are usually held in the evening hours so that pre-game drinking can be carried over after the conclusion of the day’s activities to after-game drinking without the interruption of sleep. All activities are held under the guise of a church function promoting fellowship and comroderie in the local religious community. Note: Not be confused with “Ringer Church league softball team” whereas the team actually is steroidal athletic and non-religious.
Scott asked me to join the Church league softball team. After checking with my Alcoholics Anonymous partner, I was told on no uncertain terms to become an atheist if I wanted to stay sober.
by Tonydanza2 August 15, 2009
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