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Heels that should be ONLY worn at church. The heel itself is thin and only about one inch tall. They also may have an unattractive cheap bow on them. These heels should NEVER be worn, unless you're going to church. If you still can't classify what a church heel is, Its the heels you'd see at church as opposed to the heels you'd see at a club. They are pretty much heels that are worn by preteens to church. No grown women should be wearing them or own them really.
This fashion mistake is very popular among teens whose parents don't buy them heels but since they want to look "sexy" and/or "fit in" they will wear their church heels when they go out. The heels usually don't go with the outfit at all.
*Girls night out*
Jessica: Your outfit looks great, but what's up with your shoes?
Rebecca: What's wrong with them?
Jessica: It looks like you got them from your 12 year old sister's closet.

- In conclusion, church heels look weird to wear anywhere but church and/or a funeral.
by I'm Just Saying July 08, 2010

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