a) The act of hooking up; action; ass.

b) The act of cumming, usually male.

c) Semen
a) Steven: Yo, do you actually like this girl?
Joe: Nah, bro, just trying to get some chupi, Birmingham Booty Call style.

b) Rami: Yeah, and to make matters worse, her mom walked in just as I was about to chupi on her daughter's face.

c) Victor: The doctors pumped her stomach expecting to find liquor. Instead, they found about a liter of chupi. She was pretty industrious, apparently.
by Guictor August 02, 2010
Top Definition

Your sweetie pie, honey. It is an adorable name for a girlfriend.
Hi chupi, how are you today?
by TheWhitest April 05, 2015
The Chupis is a prank done when a subject is in a shorter elevation than the person conducting the Chupis. The person that conducts the Chupis is called Chupiser, and the person taking the Chupis is called the Chupissed. Kneeling, lying down, or being much shorter are situations when you are most susceptible to be given a Chupis. The Chupis is mostly accompanied by the Chupiser making kissing, sucking and/or smooching noises, and/or grabbing the Chupissed's head and pushing it into the Chupiser's genital area. The word Chupis can be used as a noun or a verb. It is similar to a Tea-Bag.
Ex. 1) When Pedro knelt down to tie his shoe, Ernest gave him a 5-minute-long Chupis.

Ex. 2) "Pedro sure liked the Chupis I gave him", said Ernest.

Ex. 3) "If you try to Chupis me again, I will kill you with my guns", responded Pedro.

Ex. 4) When Pedro hurt his leg and was lying on the floor crying the next day, Ernest gave him another Chupis, while Luke Tea-Bagged Pedro.
by Super Isaiah November 06, 2010
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