Chunt is cunt munt, that is, any discharge from the vagina.
She pulled out her tampon and chunt went everywhere!

I fucked her and there was chunt on my cock!
by philandeddy February 06, 2009
the drunk version of cunt
shez zo hawwwwt, ied eeet er chunt inz a zecoonnndd-dd-d
by fudda April 05, 2005
Poorly groomed or unkept Vagina.
I haven't seen it, but I'm willing to bet that J. Lo has a chunt.
by Jay July 18, 2003
Female equivalent of a choad, a virgina wider than it is deep.
Frank: "I was about to go down on a girl the other night when I saw she had a chunt, I got the hell out straight away 'cause it could have taken my whole face."
Bob: "Looks like the job for a choad then"
by too thin by far September 15, 2010
1. An unkempt or unclean vagina
2. An infected vagina
3. A combination of an unkempt or infected vagina commonly accompanied by an (yeast) infection due to neglect in hygiene or because of promiscuous intercourse
The doctor has diagnosed me with chunt. I am sorry it won't happen again-- You know I love you.
by Infected 1 October 26, 2003
a name for a dirty dirty person who is a mixture between a cunt and a (insert expletive) ...mash them together and u get a "chunt"
billy breaks a beer bottle, and instead of cleaning it up, he leaves it because its not his house...he is therefor a chunt, or fucking chunt depending on the severity of the situation
by elemeno-p July 10, 2008
The combination of the words cholo and cunt to make chunt, which is a latino women's vagina, specifically a cholo's vagina
"Man berg you such a chunt, shut up chunt go back to mexico cholo."

"Man yo chunt smells like tacos and pica de gallo man shit."

"Aw fuh naw chunt."

"Maid you sposed to clean not be such a chunt, cholo cunt chunt."
by Erik Berg December 22, 2008
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