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A more polite way of saying c**t. Girls are genrally more acepting when they hear this version.
"What a complete chunt!"
by Darren November 26, 2001
like a gunt but bigger
a really chubby cunt
can be used to describe a body part or personality
chunt can be used for good or bad - it doesn't matter it depends on how you feel
body part: wow look at the chunt
personality: how chunty of them
by bumper April 17, 2008
A Chinese cunt (female).
I've never seen a chunt who knew how to drive.
by american expat January 03, 2008
A polite(ish) alternative for the word cunt for use in front of the lady folk.
You chunt!
Her chunt was completely shaved.
A chunt like a clowns pocket.
by Stratos June 23, 2007
The Vagina Shaped hair under on a man's chin directly under his bottom lip. A combination of chin and "cunt" Only use this when the "Chunt" is been shaven around. Doesn't qualify when it's part of a full beard.
Frank got a bit of food in his chunt.
by ChristianS May 14, 2007
A fat womans vagina. The word is a cross between chubby and cunt.
Shagged a fat bird last night. She had a right chunt on her. More cushion for the pushin'
by brown_thunder May 16, 2010
the small area of skin between a womans cunt and asshole. Like a six pack holder.
I picked her up by her chunt and she wan't very happy..then she let out a queef that knocked me over.
by dingfuchingdong June 11, 2003