A softening of the word cunt which might be used in polite society or in front of children. Meaning: a habitual bastard who will go out of their way to make your life a misery.
My neighbour is a total chunt. He parked across my drive yesterday.
by Cheesewhiff January 16, 2006
A fat womans vagina. The word is a cross between chubby and cunt.
Shagged a fat bird last night. She had a right chunt on her. More cushion for the pushin'
by brown_thunder May 16, 2010
the small area of skin between a womans cunt and asshole. Like a six pack holder.
I picked her up by her chunt and she wan't very happy..then she let out a queef that knocked me over.
by dingfuchingdong June 11, 2003
This is a word that has evolved to mean female viking. the viKINGs wanted to call them viCUNTs but the vichunts would of chopped their horns off. So over the years the word was shortened to CHUNT meaning strong viging woman
Ahoy the Chunts have mead a brewin to soothe our souls afer this prosperous raid!
by funjunkie February 07, 2009
another less offensive word for c**t
ur a f**king chunt
by the daz man March 24, 2004
When a certain person misreads "cunt" and adds a mysterious "H" to it...while even beinmg corrected on it learning center still utters a "WHAT? I DONT GET IIIIT"
Chunt Boyd
I work with fucking children!!CHUNT!!??
CHUNT?! ooooo there's no H! CUNT!
by chunt boyd April 13, 2003
a dirty vagina that needs to be cleaned with a douche and has diseases
I got herpes, crabs, AIDS, and leprocy from this prostitute that had a chunt
by Anthony February 12, 2003
A pussy that is fat and greasy like a female version of "chode"
Sam has a chunt dude!
by Madrox March 13, 2007

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