A softening of the word cunt which might be used in polite society or in front of children. Meaning: a habitual bastard who will go out of their way to make your life a misery.
My neighbour is a total chunt. He parked across my drive yesterday.
by Cheesewhiff January 16, 2006
to cut very quickly in a fluid motion
I am goin to chunt your head off
by orangy December 01, 2006
A combination of a chav and a cunt
McDonalds car parks are full of chunts
by Jamagotchi August 20, 2006
Derived from the words 'Chode' and 'Cunt'. When added together becoming 'Chunt', meaning a Cunt that is wider than it is deep.
"Andrew is such a chunt."
"Sally has a chunt."
"Her chunt is so fucking wide, and not at all deep! What the hell gives!"
by Dan January 21, 2005
A detestable person who you wish to exact your revenge on.
Oh that's it, he's going on the chunt list.
by "Heavy" Flo March 13, 2004
A chunky cunt.
Need anything more be said?
by B-Drac September 26, 2003
idiot person,nicer than saying 'cunt'
you are such a chunt
by annonynomolous April 14, 2003
A fat chick's vagina.
"I wouldn't touch it with YOUR dick!"
by Slasher March 17, 2003

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