A softening of the word cunt which might be used in polite society or in front of children. Meaning: a habitual bastard who will go out of their way to make your life a misery.
My neighbour is a total chunt. He parked across my drive yesterday.
#cunt #twunt #twat #bastard #git
by Cheesewhiff January 16, 2006
Chunt - a church going cunt that believes attending church absolves them of their cuntish behaviour - a chunt.
"Oh, Greg? Yeah, he's a total chunt. Motherfucker is in denial. I even saw him go out of his way to shut the door on a black man at the supermarket"
#chunt #cunt #church #religion #khunt
by Kawasakirider November 10, 2014
The female version of a chode...aka the skin between the vag and the hole.
Hey, quit being a Chunt!
#chode #taint #balls #coochie #asshole #vag
by |jomotha| November 22, 2013
A wide but not long cunt. The word itself is a combination of chode and cunt. A chunt may only be pleasurable for somebody with a chode.
I fucked a girl with a nasty chunt.
#choce #cunt #pussy #vagina #abe lincoln
Short fat annoying cunty-cuntish-cunt female. Mix of the word chode and cunt.
"Look at that CHUNT over there at the bar bitching and complaining because shes too fat and stupid to realize all the men don't want her."
#cunt #chode #fat #short #annoying
by BIG_C March 29, 2013
A female that exhibits both the characteristics of a chubby spawn from Satan and complete bitch.
I went over to hook up with a girl last night, but she told me Kate Plus Eight comes on in ten minutes. That girl was a total chunt.
#cancer #anglel lips #soul-leech #sex #salomi nipples
by BTM February 17, 2012
that main chunt theme right there. originators d-chunt fatstokes and ekschunt. it means a person who loves barcelona and real madrid and likes to play soccer at lunch and nutrition and PE. Also, chunts like to either buy or sell takis. its an obsession. Search chunt on youtube for a better understanding. first result that comes up. it should have a barcelona picture on it.
As Brandon was selling takis at lunch while wearing his Barcelona jersey, Matt and Tyler were playing soccer on the basketball courts. Typical chunts.
#chunts #chunty #chuntaro #barcelona #madrid
by palijvsoccer June 07, 2011
A chinese cunt. Preferably the chinese waitresses at china buffets that are rude to people.
That chunt would not give me a fortune cookie but still asked me for a tip!
#asian #honk kong #cookie #vagina #cunt #rush limbaugh #mean #escort
by Carve a ham! December 13, 2011
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