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a person (usually a girl but sometimes guys too) who has developed a high keen sense of fashion through inspiration and love for the model-TV personality-fashion icon, Alexa Chung. Although, most Chungsters are just high-end styled hipsters, they typically reject the 'hipster' because it's becoming too mainstream. They also tend to wear luxury clothing brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Miu Miu, etc.
girl: I really like your style? it's like hipster but way more classy?
Chungster: Ew, don't say hipster.. it's the new Chungster style inspired by my goddess, Alexa Chung.
girl 2: I like your cherry sandals, they're so cute!
Chungster: Thank you, they're Miu Miu and Alexa Chung wore them to Wimbledon 2012.
by fabulouscunt August 04, 2012
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A small person who has many admirers and a phat booty. particularly attractive to scottish men
Did you see that chungster forbesy pulled last night?
by lovettski November 14, 2007
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