A build up of dirty slush and snow that collects behind car tires in the Northern Latitudes.
Look Father, chunga has collected behind our car tires in the Northern Latitudes on the way to school this cold morning in December.
by Daniel W. Mahler May 25, 2005
Top Definition
a slang word or derogatory term for a latina.
damn that chunga has some big ass loop chunga earrings with her name Kathryn on it and a necklace with Kathryn on it.
by daddy yankeez344 October 09, 2009
The Latin or Spanish version of a
A.slut or whore
C.girl who dresses slutty
Girl: oh my gosh look at that chunga over there!!
Girl2: Oh i know she looks like a slut!!

EX 2.
Boyfriend: Baby why don't you wear the hoops the skirt and the white t?
Girl: Cuz then i'll look like a big chunga and i don't want to!
by Heyhey24 October 24, 2010
poor,distasteful,without class, crappy
That's the chunga part of the city.
His car is so chunga.
She was dressed all chunga in her pink skirt.
by santos April 21, 2003
My English friend tells me that in London this word is slang for cocaine
No Chunga, no party!
by Zescilea August 22, 2015
Big juicy boobies!!!
-Jug Jugs
Man, Check out her Chungas! (Phwoar!)
by LeJour August 31, 2008
Alcohol or booze of any kind or variety.
Dude, lets go ask those 21 year olds if they can get us some chunga for tonight man.
by kendallbeebee July 06, 2010
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