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Invented in 2006, a Chung Tung Fung Lung Rung is a food that combines peanut butter, grape jelly and marshmallow spread, rolled in a soft tortilla shell. It is best served warm, approximate heating time, 15-20 seconds in a standard microwave. You can also substitute the grape jelly for strawberry jam, or you can make a calorie-conscious version by using reduced-fat peanut butter and a small whole-wheat tortilla.
Person #1: "Wow, that sure looks good, what are you making?"
Person #2: "It's a Chung Tung Fung Lung Rung, care to try one?"
Person #1: (bites into soft gooey centre, then nods) "This is fantastic!"
by Sheri H. April 12, 2008
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