an anal fart that can only escape by bubbling up and out the labia.
I chumbawumba'd twice during America's Next Top Model last night.

Henry looked over at Mary and said, "What the fuck was that?" Mary replied "chumbawumba."
by megatron113 January 03, 2012
Top Definition
Cis-Het White Male, particularly one who feels his opinion must be inserted into every conversation, no matter how minimal his knowledge of the topic.
I don't know why Dan thinks we need his Chumbawumba opinion on menstrual cups.
by BloopBlorp June 04, 2015
To clink together beer bottles one on top of another to make the beer rise. Forcing the participants to drink the entire content of the bottle before it spills out.
Dude, some douche chumba wumbaed my beer at the bar! That is a major drinking offense in my hood!
by Ja3g3r June 24, 2010
A rambunctious, big ol' pair of breasts, commonly found on an adult woman, or an extremely obese man.
Marilyn's chumba wumbas are so large, that people often mistake them for genetically mutated citrus fruits.
by dhani the elephant May 24, 2010

mid 1990's UK pop band

Made famous for getting away with singing "PISSING THE NIGHT AWAY" at every live performance on TV... secretly disguised as "kissing the night away" and somewhat affirmed by the rather explicit video of two lezzerz kissing in a lavatory!

anti-labour activists...
I get knocked down...

and I get up again...

You're nevery gona keep me down...

Pissing the night away...

Pissing the night away

lyrics by Chumbawumba
by kegmar September 19, 2008
Chumba Wumba: To place a midgets head into a girls vagina or mans asshole, then procide to insert penis into midgets ass.
"Gross dude Thomas just got chumba wumba'd"

"dude I got crunk last night and totaly chumba wumba'd this gurl."
by Joe Bamf August 01, 2006
a fat ass. a huge bitch. really chunky
dayum, look at that chumbawumba! i wouldnt tap that with a 100 ft pole.
by jkfhsjkdfskj April 02, 2008
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