Fag. Chuggy is basically a fag. Period. LMAO, just kidding Chuggles!
Chuggy is stupid homosexual.
by Pwnination January 11, 2004
Top Definition
Chewing gum. Basically. Scottish slang. I believe.
What's that you're chewing?
Oh, Give us some.
by Your Face =] December 04, 2007
chuggy is the spirit of being young, irresponsible, out of control, and not caring what other people think.

chuggy comes from the myth of Chuggy D. Smith, the man who's spirit is at the heart of everything that ever gets a little crazy. Chuggy is the spirit that kicked the devil off your shoulder because he wasnt having enough fun!
When you are in college things that are chuggy happen all around you!

by Schilly August 02, 2006
slow and tedious, but still productive (like The Little Engine That Could)
Today was chuggy; I got some things done, but it was a struggle.
by kibody May 26, 2014
Chuggies refers to the two individual parts of which the arse is composed; namely the butt-cheeks.
Adam asked me if I could lend him a fiver. I said 'kiss my chuggies'.
by Dr fish June 01, 2006
Chunky titties
What’s the difference between my girl and your girl? #Chuggies
Chugged a beer while fucking my bitch with chuggies. #ChuggyInception
I just had to snapchat that girl’s tits...they were straight chuggies!
by THat BAng BAng June 23, 2014
Chunky Titties. The definition of a perfect sets of breasteses.
Chugging a beer while fucking a bitch with some chuggies.
I was laxing it up with some bros before I fucked my girl’s chuggies.

Those chuggies just revolutionized the game.
by THat BAng BAng June 23, 2014
To be congested.
Corey was chuggy all night and couldn't stop coughing.

Corey gets even more chugged up when he lays down.

Corey doesn't think chuggy is a word.
by Chuggy1989 January 19, 2014
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