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A mixture of cheese and mud caused by the interaction of dairies and trench warfare.
Wipe that chud off uniform, soldier.
by Steve November 19, 2003
7 30
A friend, or companion.
A intimate friend.
Best friend.
etc, etc, etc.
"Awww. You're my best chud."
by Lolzhi March 18, 2006
2 26
A highly powerful and supremely attractive man, often admired, and even revered, by others, as well as the best at whatever he does.
Some girl: I think I could just die, a chud just graced me with a few words...
by Lord Chud sur Paendragoran December 19, 2005
6 31
Cannibalistic Humanoid Underdwelling Demon
See movie : C.H.U.D. or Donnie Darko
adj; "That guy is such a chud"
acronym; see above
by Q-Ball October 01, 2003
73 99
The only definition of this word: Old semen that has been sitting a condom for an extended period of time.
Jesus christ man, you've got chud all over the place, this house really needs to be cleaned!!!
by BIG FAT party animal March 18, 2006
24 51
the over accesive sweating come from your black dick
doug is itching it right now
by doug nowlan February 22, 2003
5 33
You guys are all wrong. Chud is vaginal secretion.
Dude, I ended up with a bunch of chud on my chin when I chowed that girl's box!
by PHead December 10, 2005
5 34