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Another name for Charleston, South Carolina.
Me and my friends are going to chill down in Chucktown. Laaaaaaate!
by Jason B. Cook October 27, 2003
432 57
A nickname for the City of Charleston, SOUTH CAROLINA ONLY! There is only ONE Chucktown in the USA!! NOT Charleston,WV!! Don't get it mixed up!
I'm geechie cuz I'm from dat chucktown!
by Brian Glover March 26, 2008
303 110
Chucktown refers to Charleston, South Carolina. Also known as The Chuck, Charlie-o, Chucktezzy, ect. Originally named Charles Town after King Charles, hence "Chuck"town. Not the West Virginian city of Charleston. Chucktown was also featured as a question on an episode of discovery channels Cash Cab, just for you West Virginians out there who disagree.
damn i need to leave chucktown.
by a$f April 14, 2008
227 42
It means Charleston, South Carolina the best city in the world
Almost like Atlanta, GA but alot better
by Danny White December 27, 2003
79 25
A nickname for the city of Charleston, West Virginia.
I live in chucktown.
by devito December 05, 2004
40 589