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The world's oldest and most common genetic condition. It has been around since the beginning of life began and effects 100% of all life on earth. It is a disorder that slowly deteriorates the basic function of an organism as is ages. Eventually, the organism becomes so deteriorated, that the outcome inevitably results in death.

As an individual ages and becomes older, the functions of all their systems begin to lose efficiency and start to go on a downward spiraling pathway towards demise. Even though the symptoms may seem mild at first, they gradually become much worse as time progress.

Over the past thousands of years, mankind has been endlessly searching for a cure for this deadly timebomb inside of them. They have tried eating certain foods, making homemade remedies, drinking chemical mixtures made from unusual ingredients, even constantly exercising every day. Still, all attemps are unsuccessful. They have recived the same outcome over and over again: FAIL.

Some cultures that have failed to find such a cure, ultimately give up and accept it into their daily way of life as a natural process: They are born, they live, and they die.

Other societies on the other hand, refuse to give up. They refuse to fail. They still have that one glimmer of hope that one day, the world will finally be free. Free from this disease that has plagued humanity since the dawn of time. They will not accept failure as an option.

As of now, our world's scientists are constantly working around the clock making new strides and advances in every aspect of medical technology never giving up, never backing down, and most important of all, never having to face this again.

There is a bright world out there, and it is in our grasp. The only thing we need to do is to get rid of this unforgiving condition once and for all. Only then can we experience true happiness.
Whether it is a treatment or a cure, our future descendants will look back on our time, seeing the great achievements we have made to make their future possible. But probably the most important thing they will look at is how we have handled, lived with, suffered, died from, and exterminated Chuck Norris Disease.
by Ianjib June 16, 2009

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