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When you can run faster than most people and you give the best hugs because you are warm and great to cuddle up into. To be chubby fit you must be active but also have a six pack of pudding cups!
"I am so chubby but how? I am always active and good at a lot of sports. I must be chubby fit!!!"
by Bar down BABY!!! August 08, 2014
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Tumblr-ised version of sumo wrestling, often used by morbidly obese people who are in denial about their extreme weight and still claim to be in a fit condition.
Ragina, who hit the 400lbs milestone last month, posts on tumblr about her "chubby fit" body, while eating three sticks of butter.
by top sweg August 14, 2014
When a fat person has fallen so far into the fat acceptance delusion that they believe they are elite athletes and that anyone wants to hug their 450lb ass
Thats Ragen she weighs 500lbs and thinks she is Chubby Fit, and an elite athlete
by Doirr August 14, 2014

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