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When you're at the movies with a chick, and you put a hole at the bottom of the popcorn tub and place your dick inside. You are now in possession of the Chub Tub.
Grogs : So how was the movie with Steph?
Shizzle: The movie was lame but I gave her the Chub Tub so it turned out to be so legit.
by MixMastaShizz January 01, 2011
When you are stuck in a hot tub with a fat chick.
Tom: "Wow. look at joe he looks like he hates his life."

Mike: "Yeah hes stuck in the chub tub with karen."
by OfficerAwesome May 21, 2009
Someone who is a bit on the chubby side but not obese.
dude look you can tell hes a chub tub by the fat belly
by theswagster April 18, 2016
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