Bastard spawn of one of the best RPGs ever made. Chrono Cross was a disgrace to Chrono Trigger.

see crap
The characters look stupid. The plot sucks. This game belongs in a toilet. FUCK CHRONO CROSS. LONG LIVE CHRONO TRIGGER!!!
by momenti December 06, 2004
A game with the most confusing opening I've ever seen...and by opening,I mean first few hours of the game. Oh yeah,and most battles are long fights but the bosses are pushovers in the end. The graphics are blinding,the CG cutscenes are REALLY pointless (aside from one or two),but the music is really cool. About 4/5ths of the characters join your party,a lot of them have ridiculous accents,a few of them actually contribute to the storyline too! Anyway,it has a good battle system,wraps up a few loose ends from Chrono Trigger,but it still looks like another Squaresoft PSX movie,i.e. lots of talking and CG cutscenes. Despite that,I wanna see a Chrono break. Badly.
Greco,Mojo,Skelly,NeoFio,Grobyc,and Turnip are some of the most gratuitous characters in the game. But playing as an anthropomorphic vegetable is pretty sweet.
by 0niTTRay March 08, 2004
for one thing katopolis square enix is far from being bankrupt and final fantasy is by far a better series in all aspects. i wiold know i make a living playing games
chrono cross is not as good as the final fantasy series but it is not bad in general
by r March 01, 2005
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