thick headed; some one that hears only what they want to hear and only listens when they think they can get something out of it, yaddidamean?
Bill: Ive been really depressed lately
Rob: Wow Bill you always talk about yourself, its like all you talk about is Bill Bill Bill.
Bill: Um, Im trying to talk to you and Im hoping you can help me out.
Rob: See, there you go again, always talking about YOU.
Bill: Rob stop being such a chrome dome.
by Dah Fuh? January 05, 2008
When you receive dome (blowjob, head, brains) from a girl wearing grills at the time.
Did you hear about Smithy getting chrome dome from that chick he picked up from the club?
Yeah, his dick'll be shining for a week!
by notoriouslog September 03, 2009
a person with a bald shiny head
a term used for a girl giving a guy head
"look at that guys chrome dome"
"damn that girl gives the best chrome dome"

by Josh 420 stoner October 20, 2005
A chrome dome is when you spraypaint your cock silver, and you find yourself a nice hot grandmother with no hair and you fuck her ass until she loses control of her bowel. then she sucks your cock.
person 1: Dude! I chrome domed yo granny last night!
person 2: Oh! thats why theres silver shit everywhere!
by CockOfThor April 25, 2010
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