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n. One with an irrational fear or hatred of Christians. Sometimes practised by people who think they know everything.

We fear what we do not agree with or understand.
Society says it's wrong to be a homophobe but it's okay to be a Christophobe.
by Michael January 05, 2004
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Describes many atheist idiots who think that Christians are inhuman monsters, racists, misogynists, and homophobes. In actuality, the atheists turn out to be the ones who are racist, misogynist (as they're often religiously opposed to feminism which is the second most subject they talk about with religion being the first) and while not homophobes, many of them espouse biphobia.
It's clear that many atheists are christophobes due to their literal fear of religion, Christ (the actual word as the name drives many of them on emotional rants) and crucifixes (which they seek to remove from wherever they see them). This means that many of them are mentally ill as a phobia is a mental problem.
by Skialian January 09, 2014
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A person who has an irrational fear of Christianity aka the New Testament.
Muslim: Christianity kills Muslims in Middle East.
Christian: Christophobe.
by loveyourenemy March 15, 2017
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