Christian holiday moved to conflict with the time of year when everyone everywhere (and everywhen) celebrates the winter solstice (point of Earth's orbit where, in the northern temperate zones, the sun's zenith slows its southern decent and begins moving north again = another year to live).

2. Hodgepodge of ancient and not-so-ancient rituals, including sacrificing a tree to Mother Nature, celebrating the miracle that got Nicholas his sainthood (reassembling murdered and hacked up child parts in a barrel back into children), and, oh, the birth of Jesus, a jew, and the guy that made 12 of his buddies drink his blood and eat his flesh, before he got executed and came back from the dead. (Can you say "zombie"?)

3. Day that Santa brings new socks and undies. If your bad, you get coal (to keep from freezing) and an orange (for vitamin C to prevent scurvy).
Fucking Christmas. I wanna get drunk.
by danw December 22, 2003
used only in New Mexico, WHICH ROCKS.
Means getting both red AND green chile on your food 'cause you're a total badass for living in NM
Red or Green?

Dude, hook it up with the christmas!
by NM Rox March 12, 2005
The day you recieve tons of gifts from your rich friends and family. Otherwise, it's just another holiday about Jesus.
I got my bling-bling on christmas.
by xoaznmonkeyox November 14, 2006
wat was first the celebration of our lord, Jesus Christ, it is now a celebration toward greed, stress, and disappointment. its not even a christian holiday anymore, seein as how its just an excuse for all religions to get ppl crap instead of celebratin their own holidays.
So basically, we're praisin Santa Claus ans money instead of Jesus Christ, which is not makin Jesus very happy that he did all that shit to save our sinning asses.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e July 23, 2005
December the twenty-fifth.

A day off work and a christmas bonus, based off a few bad calculations as to the birthday of the Christ.
I get payed more (chrismtas bonus) to take the whole week off work... I LOVE CHRISTMAS!
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 07, 2004
Originally a celebration of the sun for the vikings in Europe. When christianity showed its ugly face in Europe, the Vikings where converted, and to compensate for the loss of their day of celebration, they claimed Jesus was born on this day. In Denmark, a certain type of porridge is still a very common thing to eat as one of the things for dinner at the 24th. Also, in (northern europe at least) Europe, gifts are unwrapped in the evening of the 24th of December, usually somewhat after dinner.
Oh my, didn't christianity rape this aspect of our lives as well ?
by eviscerator March 29, 2004
Chirstmas...birth of christ
If you don't know what Christmas is then you must live under a freaking rock!
by Sanchezgiver January 10, 2004
A replacement word for "Look at the hotshot, doing (something) like it's nobody's business."
The word "business" slowly evolved to be pronounced as "christmas", hence the usage.
See that guy jumping through a ring of fire on a snowboard while drinking a Dew? Christmas.
by RoboSllim July 21, 2005

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