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A combination of Christmas, Quanza, hunukkah, and Ramadon, respectively. Who's figure is the Great Christmaquanadondica Day Man; Celebrated on the 13th of December, It involves putting out Macaroni and Cheese, Mac-and-Cheese, or else he will put Caustic Soap in your bed while you sleep. Some versions involve a Great Fish spirit of Christmaquanadondica day, but the mainstream celebration only involves Christmaquanadondica Day Man
Jimmy: Mommy can we have Mac-and-cheese for dinner tonight? Please make extra for Christmaquanadondica Day Man.
Mother: Jimmy go to bed and stop with this nonsense.
Jimmy: Mommy No! He'll put caustic soap in my bed.
by Gardengnome December 25, 2010
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