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A person who is plastered out of their mind.

MUST include:

-stumbling/biffing hard
-hitting on ANY strangers/hits up guys for drinks
-slutty behavior including lack of clothing and unwillingness to cover up
-vigorous and energetic body movements in tandem with any music in conjunction with clothes falling off
-telling people repeatedly that you love them
-repeatedly saying that you aren't drunk or "I'm gooood"
-sipping a mickey with no chase
-refusal to believe the next day that you were Christine-drunk
-uses the simple explanation: "I'm just having fun!"
-MUST lose at least one personal item each party night
-may include stride of pride... or walk of shame the next morning
"I got Christine-drunk last night!!"

Friend 1: "What happened last night!?!?!?"
Friend 2: "You don't remember..? You were Christine-drunk!"
by victims of Christine-drunk November 19, 2010