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(1) Grammy Award Winning Pop Singer who arrived on the scene with the at-the time provocative " Genie In A Bottle " in 1999.

(2) One white girl who can seriously sing.

(3)Progressed into a total skank also known as Xtina or XXXtina in 2002 with the release of the "anything you do in private i'll do in public" video "Dirrty". She introduced the world to the world's worst white girl weaves, paint by numbers make-up" and buttless chaps.

(4) Washed off the heavy make-up and fake tan to emerge as a softer, more sophisticated diva with a pension for singing songs from the 70s in 2004.

(1)Ugh, I can't stand Kim. She's such a Christina Aguilera. She goes from innocent to trash and back to innocent in the matter of minutes.

(2) Whoa, that drag queen took make-up lessons from Christina Aguilera
by xxgeorgia November 09, 2004
1428 662
She is a singer hu has a v.gd voice!!!
She wears decently during the last few appearances...
by Eddd February 06, 2004
133 180
A great singer who has an amazing voice but her dirrtyness spoils it all!!!!!!!!!
omg what a waste of a great voice
by Britney fan July 18, 2005
147 202
just another really hott women in this grat world of ours
i masturbate to christina aguilera videos
by johnny rotten April 19, 2005
140 197
A great singer a wannabe hispanic
by Anonymous July 14, 2003
156 214
the name of this popular singer has been recently associated as g-code for the illicit drug cocaine.although it has not been popularized as of yet expect it in the following months if you keep up on the evolution of ebonics you probably already know this.
we got that white girl, Christina Aguilera.
by onefelixtorulethemall April 11, 2007
90 155
the best damn singer on the planet. makes britney spears, beyonce knowles, kelly osborne, pink et al look like a bunch of gag-worthy sideshow pussyfarts.
Aguilera; from the latin 'give it to me deep and hard immediately if not sooner'
by kitC January 19, 2004
692 800
A singer with a great voice.

And for all of you only like two of her songs are about sex in that 20 song album. As for her image yes it is a little.. i mean very slutty but i'm not sure how that is justification to hate her.

Listen to what you are saying and maybe you'll see it makes no sense
Why people are afraid of a little skin i'll never know. You have skin too and half the population has the same parts as her. Get over it.
by Me March 14, 2005
262 378