A hot mixed race girl. Beautiful everywhere. Short, tight body. Gorgeous green/brown eyes. Long brunette haired. Loyal to her partner, strong attitude yet kind. Usually big boobs with nice curves, a must have body. beautiful smile. She can be a bitch if you give her reasons to get mad, other than that, don't mess with her. Most Christina's can have a chill layed back attitude. She is very known (popular) the girl every guy wants and the girl every girl envys. She has a lot of friends from many different places. She has many guy friends who admire her and many girls who think shes a slut when she's just truly outgoing, she also has a bunch of chick friends. She's a real flirt and very sexual in a good way. She's the best friend you could have so dont ever turn your back on her. Respects her relationships of course and never cheats. She's an amazing singer and a great dancer, she makes the party start whenever she walks in, true party animal. She can be bipolar sometimes but usually just chill. If you win her, keep her!
Kohl: who's that hot chick?
Max: thats Christina!
by Realdefiner June 11, 2014
A quick witted girl who believes that anything's possible. Has many quirks, gets pissed off very easily, but is a laid-back person who has a soft side. Easy to get along with and is usually very pretty, but can be an outcast or push people away. Very awesome, random, friendly, weird,rebellious, and punk-ish. You should get to know one.
Christina is very pissed off today, give her a cookie.
by biscuits_and_donuts December 30, 2011
everyone needs a christina .. looks like picachu .. cute even when she is angry
no way to describe this beauty christina
by lovespicachu June 27, 2011
an individual that is multi-faceted and somewhat difficult to read. mostly due to the fact that she is so friendly and likeable all the time. difficult to actually get her on a bad day, will be there for you, when she feels like it. an onion that needs to get peeled, but thats what makes it so interesting. she also smells nice and has great (. Y .)
those are some big ones. yea she is totally a christina.
by cooliooooo October 26, 2011
a hott bay area girl
damn loook at that christina ... she's HELLA FIONEE
by christina Philip November 10, 2008
The most beautiful girl ever. Shes fun loving gorgeous and probably perfect. She has an amazing smile and is SI smart and intelligent. She is the perfect human being.
Christina is perfect.
by FokMaster May 09, 2012
Christina is a wonderful and kind girl. Guys gravitate towards and she radiates with happiness. If you ever meet a girl named Christina, be sure to become friends with her! She's loyal and will do everything to help you.
Do you see that girl? Yeah, her name is Christina!
by justinbieber12344578 April 16, 2012

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