everyone needs a christina .. looks like picachu .. cute even when she is angry
no way to describe this beauty christina
by lovespicachu June 27, 2011
an individual that is multi-faceted and somewhat difficult to read. mostly due to the fact that she is so friendly and likeable all the time. difficult to actually get her on a bad day, will be there for you, when she feels like it. an onion that needs to get peeled, but thats what makes it so interesting. she also smells nice and has great (. Y .)
those are some big ones. yea she is totally a christina.
by cooliooooo October 26, 2011
a hott bay area girl
damn loook at that christina ... she's HELLA FIONEE
by christina Philip November 10, 2008
The most beautiful girl ever. Shes fun loving gorgeous and probably perfect. She has an amazing smile and is SI smart and intelligent. She is the perfect human being.
Christina is perfect.
by FokMaster May 09, 2012
Christina is a wonderful and kind girl. Guys gravitate towards and she radiates with happiness. If you ever meet a girl named Christina, be sure to become friends with her! She's loyal and will do everything to help you.
Do you see that girl? Yeah, her name is Christina!
by justinbieber12344578 April 16, 2012
The awesomest girl you will ever know. If you know a Christina you are very lucky.
Christina is so hot!
by MoJoW April 30, 2012
A beautiful fantastic girl. guys swoon over her. she may not realize it, but everyone loves her. the prettiest girl in school. popular in a positive way.

she always knows what she wants and is picky but gets what she wants anyway. she is so friendly and helpful and trustworthy. shes an amazing friend and loves helping others. she has bumps along the road but always overcomes them with her head held high. perfect body and face. shes gorgeous and all around perfect. guys all want her because she is flirty without realizing it and makes everyone fall for her by accident. no one can resist her charm. she makes an amazing girlfriend and a great lover. watch out for this beautiful girl with the amazing singing voice. she'll rope you in like a siren.
guy; christina was so perfect... i spent my whole night with her i think im in love
girl; i'm so jealous, christina is so pefect, everything i'm not and wish to be
guy; yeah pretty much.

Compatible names; daniel, jonathan, shane, zeke, wyatt, gabe, anything similar to those
by lalaloopsy0009 October 20, 2013

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