The most beautiful, quick-witted, intelligent, humorous, sweet, and lovable girl you could ever meet. Christina has timeless beauty; a perfect body with a gorgeous face. Christina is also very smart and known for being clever. If your life contains a Christina, cherish your life, because you're one lucky person.
That girl is such a Christina.
by BigEvilTurtle July 07, 2011
a really sane down to earth person who has more guy friend because their also sane. she has hazel brown eyes and loves a good laugh. shes always kind. and sort of popular. dream job= actress. but most people dont belive in her
christina joined the play and got the role of snow white.
by urban_account March 03, 2015
A fun and silly girl. Often they have amazing singing voices and have beautiful smiles.
i.e Christina Aguilera, Christina Grimmie, Christina Perri
Wow Christina is a great singer!
by KatieLepore May 02, 2011
the stupidest fake ass bitch you will ever meet. she throws her self at guys because she's so fucking ugly no one actually wants her unless in bed. She's a cunt ass whore who will probably die because she's over weight
Christina is such a bitch.
by onlyhonestdefinitions April 07, 2015
"Annointed Christian" or "Perfect Girl"
Todays term: A beautiful, caring, fun, super sexy girl with perfect lips and ass that most girls are jealous of. This girl is incredible. If you have the chance to meet her then your life will change for the better. She will drop everything in the world to help you out, go the extra mile to make you happy. This girl is by far the worlds most PERFECT girl. Every guys dream and every girls nightmear. She will kick your ass if you talk shit to or about her, yet can be your best friend if you have a good heart. Gorgeous, classy, super sexy, eyes to die for and a heart as big as GOD's.

Most likely to never date guys named

Eziekiel, Jeremy, Carlos, Jonathan, Rahual, Daniel, Brent, or any other similar names
To have Christina in your life is like winning the lottery.
If you had a chance to date Christina your one lucky guy.
Danny will never have a chance with Christina.
Jonathan wishes Christina loved him.
by Justtellinit Lieketiz December 06, 2011
Latin meaning: of the girl's name Christina:a follower of Christ, a Christian
Greek Meaning: The Greek name Christina means - "Christ-bearer."

Christina is a female name originating from Christian.

It is a well-used name throughout the world with many variants. Its meanings most commonly include "Christian," "Christ-Bearer," although "Angelic," and "Faithful" are sometimes included in its definition.
"Have you met Christina?"
"Her name means child of Christ!"
by Christian876382 February 05, 2010
A hot mixed race girl. Beautiful everywhere. Short, tight body. Gorgeous green/brown eyes. Long brunette haired. Loyal to her partner, strong attitude yet kind. Usually big boobs with nice curves, a must have body. beautiful smile. She can be a bitch if you give her reasons to get mad, other than that, don't mess with her. Most Christina's can have a chill layed back attitude. She is very known (popular) the girl every guy wants and the girl every girl envys. She has a lot of friends from many different places. She has many guy friends who admire her and many girls who think shes a slut when she's just truly outgoing, she also has a bunch of chick friends. She's a real flirt and very sexual in a good way. She's the best friend you could have so dont ever turn your back on her. Respects her relationships of course and never cheats. She's an amazing singer and a great dancer, she makes the party start whenever she walks in, true party animal. She can be bipolar sometimes but usually just chill. If you win her, keep her!
Kohl: who's that hot chick?
Max: thats Christina!
by Realdefiner June 11, 2014

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