refers to people are a sexy, hot, and generally drop dead gorgeous. christinas are very nice cheerleaders especially when there skirts are short. :D. they are very self sufficeint, determined, and nothing can stop them from getting what they want. a fckinf awesome and cool girl. they make excellent girlfriends.
that girl is so cool shes deff a christina
by Jake Dimsworth October 24, 2008
Christina is a name that reads elegantly from the lips. Beautiful in sound it is associated with beauty in the soul and physique.

The heart of a Christina is filled with a gentle kindness that enables her to only give to others. At the drop of a hat she would be there to listen or comfort those that need her. When you befriend a Christina, you just know that you have made a true friend for life.

She is a private, modest person who places up walls to protect her compassionate heart from those who wish to hurt it. At first you might find her personality to be difficult to get along with, care enough to establish a relationship with her and those walls will tumble down with a few pokes of a finger.

A Christina has so much love to offer, it is her greatest gift. If you manage to capture her heart for your own, consider yourself very lucky. And know that she does not give herself to another lightly, for one must be as truly wonderful as she to be worthy.
"Nobody ever has anything negative to say about Christina, she is a really nice person."
by xtinabell January 31, 2015
she is a hot sexy beast
she is very southern and ain't afraid to admit it
the christina walked in looking hot as usual
by christina baker February 05, 2008
A weed smokin, tramp stamped, southern California skeez, whose bi-polar actions alienates every one around her.
Everyone's been in Christina. Jump in. She'll love ya!
by toughguy48 February 02, 2014
Christina is the coolest, nicest and prettiest person ever. She is very cute in both personalities and appearance. Christina is very kind, generous and she is the only person/friend that you can trust and believe in. Christina is very sporty, smart and she gives very good advice. She has the best smile and can make anyone smile. Christina is confident and always has someone's back, even if she isn't friends with that person. Christina is the best girlfriend, everybody will fall for her. She is a great kisser and has the perfect body: long and beautiful legs, gorgeous hair, skinny and elegant in every way. Christina try's her hardest in everything, she never wants a person to be or feel left out. She a.ways tries her best to make everyone happy.
1. Person: Omg is that Christina?
Boy: I wish I was her boyfriend she's so breathtaking..

2. Person: Do you know Christina?
Person: Honestly, who doesn't?

3. Everybody's got to at least meet a Christina.
by CrescentAccent January 21, 2015
Have you ever had that moment where a girl just walks into your life and turns it upside down? If so, that girl was probably a Christina.

You probably know this girl. 5'-2", petite, ass to next Wednesday, and enormous brown eyes that trap you on first contact. Ouch! Please please sleep with me! I can't get you off my mind! Well keep dreaming, if this Christina is anything like mine, she's way too good for you...

A Christina is about 100lbs of tight, toned white sex meat. Did i mention chestnut hair? You're probably gonna want to come inside her as much as possible until she has at least three of you squealing offspring.

You won't get the chance, of course, cause coming inside Christina is my job. And you may not have noticed, but Christina's sporting a searing scorpion's tail above that heart-shaped behoowtay.

Beware! A Christina will devour her mate if he doesn't prove to be man enough. Better check your testosterone levels before you ask that Christina out on any movie date.

Ages gracefully if at all.

Knock you out at soft-n-ball.
Bestest body of them all.
And damn rite her milkshake is better than your's!
Shit dawg! I want's me summadat Christina real bad, but her man is way to scary!
by Vulter October 11, 2014
The most beautiful, quick-witted, intelligent, humorous, sweet, and lovable girl you could ever meet. Christina has timeless beauty; a perfect body with a gorgeous face. Christina is also very smart and known for being clever. If your life contains a Christina, cherish your life, because you're one lucky person.
That girl is such a Christina.
by BigEvilTurtle July 07, 2011
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