A smart girl with no common sense but is smart and funny and has great "what in the world?" momments.
She can't make good hot chocolate.
Wow she christina is retarted.
by Lucy D. January 28, 2008
Beautiful, Georgous, Pretty. She is loved by every guy she meets. Generally Christina's flirts alot with out noticing it and it causes every guy to love her. Christina is amazing.
Have you seen Christina?
yeah shes over there with all those guys
oh...well i know why they like her...
well duhh its because shes so pretty
by carmel and crunch December 28, 2009
The most amazing girl ever. Shes funny, smart, and cute in every way. And...obviously shes a pro.
Gears of War tournament? Watch out, Christina is a pro.
by Antigone138 November 10, 2008
good hook ups. seems kind of shy to going farther in a relationship but wants to really bad and will do it. if your girl is a christina, go for it. Christinas dont make the first moves very often so the boy often has to do it.christinas are often prone to wanting an FBI (female body inspection)loves to spend time with her hubby especially when it gets physical.
a christina
by Christina <3 February 12, 2009
The most beautiful girl ever. Everybody wants her. She is perfect in every single way, and nobody can deny it. She likes to tease you, and she lets you tease back. She is a girl you could see yourself with forever. She is the girl that will have one boyfriend throughout school.
Person 1: You see Christina over there?

Person 2: What else is there to look at?
by whitemonkey February 16, 2010
a really hyper, cute, athletic girl with awesome hair who likes ice cream sandwhiches. christina is a very emotional girl who needs a hug very often. have u hugged your christina today?
by soccergirl221 February 04, 2010
Greek/ Latin in Origin. This name means "annoited christian". It's pronounced (kris-TEEN-ah). It is the most beautiful name to a girl.

The coolest, down to earth, hot, modest, fiesty, funniest, cutest, nicest girl you'll ever. With the best personality, also very quick witted and very smart. Has the greatrest "what in the world?" momments. Perfect body, hyper, sexy, very funny, and loves to have a good time. Beautiful in all the right ways--good curves, amazing eyes , sexy body with a hot face.
Christina always knows how to make me laugh & smile.
by rocker99 February 03, 2010
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