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An amazing girl that understands you when no one else does. You feel comfortable around this girl, and she feels comfortable around you. Most Christin's have a booty of a goddess and they can shake it like a Mac truck. Christin is a name that gets in you're head, if you ever meet a Christin you will not be able to stop thinking about her. If you're lucky enough to find one; hold on to her.
Christin Amazing Booty
by TheOneWhoHasAChristin June 12, 2011
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A very sarcastic, likeable, pretty girl BAD ASSSSSS who doesnt let people get to her. Generally sweet. Unless messed with then she gets violent. She's gorgeous and kind and you cant help but enjoy being around such an amazing person. Her smile puts the city lights to shame.
Daaaaaaaaammmmn thaaaa gurl is such a christin
Her names melanie?
Well it should have been Christin!!!
by thecaringoneeee May 08, 2011
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A version often spelled other ways, such as Kristen, Kristin, Cristen, etc, but Christin is the rarest. Broken up, the word is spelled to read "Christ-In" meaning "Follower of Christ.

The rare spelling corresponds with this rare personality, which is both caring and sexy. usually INFJ personality type, which is the rarest (go to the jung typology test to see what personality you are).
This girl is rare, special, and unique...must be a Christin!
by Blondyyninja February 02, 2010
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Christin does not mean a christian it means a spontaneous female with a smile worth a million bucks and a body that goes with it.
Christin doesn't even have to wait in-line she can just smile a switch to the front.
by Christin HollyWood January 03, 2009
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