A business that started a few centuries after a regular dude named Joshua got nailed to some 4x4s. Has grown and become an extremely affluent and successful business, largely due to its expansion during the crusades and the genocide of anybody who didn't want to join their customer base and give them money.
It retains its large customer base to this very day through threats of eternal damnation if anybody believe differently or violates any of their rules. This manner of threat tends to breed fanatics who not only push their religion on others, but condemn those who don't believe as they do.
Another method of customer retention is by controlling their customers' thoughts and actions. By doing this, they promote meekness, which in turn breeds people who need the church to tell them what to do day to day, and how to do it.
For example, by condemning those for doing a perfectly natural thing such as having sex outside of a generic union that was invented by them (as another method of control), the church gets a grasp on their clients' natural instincts. This is paramount to controlling them.
In summary, Christianity is a business that has been around for a long time, and has flourished by threatening and controlling its customers, and by the extermination of anybody who didn't want to buy their product.
Guy 1: Hey, I heard guy 3 is really into Christianity
Guy 2: Oh really? He must be an impressionable idiot, who believes in a being that's as whimsical as Santa Clause
Guy 3: Hey guys, how's it going? I just got back from my youth group brainwashing session. Christianity is awesome, because I wouldn't know what to do with my life without it.
by AtheistGuy42 February 06, 2010
1) probably one of the most mis-used words in the world...viewed as a religion...which if you think about its not...at all...but i will use it in the following definitions for lack of a better word...forgive me...
2) a "religion" that 50% of people will claim to be, but in reality less than 5% truly knows what is it to be a christian...
3) a "religion" in which most of the people that turn away from it are doing so because of christians...
4) one of the only truths in this world, and everone will know it one way or another.
person 1: i think christianity is a religion
person 2:...define religion...
person 1:hmmm *looks at dictionary* a set of moral guidelines to live by
person 2:...no...ur missing the point...its not about what you have to do...its about whats all ready been done for you because you could not do it yourself...
person 1: wow...
person 2: exactly
by a new person in christ October 21, 2006
One of the three religions that involves the worship of God, along with judaism and islam (judaism refers to God as "Yahweh", and islam refers to God as "Allah").
Christianity revolves around the belief of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Christianity also has different branches, including catholicism (popularly-believed to be a radical and strict form of christianity), lutheran (said to be christianity for blacks), protestant, and presbyterian.

Unfortunately, christianity has been perverted by the world to be an awful religion based around occult-relations....this is because there are stupid people who claim to do bad things in God's name (see Al Qaeda & KKK; the KKK discriminates in the name of christianity).

Christianity revolves around love for everything, including fellow human beings. Unfortunately, we as human beings are doomed to hate one another because of our nature. Nevertheless, there are those who try to follow christianity strictly, so much that they don't say words like "damn" or "fuck" (christianity has been popularized as a personality where people don't swear).

On a sidenote, the dominant religion now is a battle between christianity and islam. Many are converting to islam for countless reasons; it is apparently a fascinating religion, albeit strict (and you're forbidden to eat pork).
"Christianity is misunderstood now; christianity is, by nature, a greatly respectable religion."

"Do unto others as they would love to have done unto you."
-Jesus Christ

"Love your enemies....for if you love only those who love you, where is the reward in that?"
-Jesus Christ
by Dave April 04, 2004
if you want to do it then its a sin.
Nick sat down and watched tv
thats christianity for you
by Dubickimus August 24, 2010
The cult that won.
Various people many thousands of years ago invented a cult called Christianity that allowed them to gain political and personal power by taking advantage of the masses gullibility. This cult has gained more political power, and taken advantage of more people than any other cult ever created, and thus is the most successful. People also now call it a religion, because that's how you legitimize large cults.
by Richard West August 21, 2009
Christianity is a monotheisic religion that originated from Judaism. There are many denomiations of Christianity and every one of them is different. You have the up-tight Baptists, The guilt-ridden Catholics, the laid-back Methodists, and the very loose Episcopals (my denomiation). It is pretty ignorant to say that all Christians are close-minded and/or hateful. This is untrue for true christians are accepting and try to be loving like Christ.
Examples of the denominations of christianity:

Baptist Prayer-"Lord Almighty, I have sinned badly and please spare me from eternal damnation!"

Catholic Prayer-"Our Mother of Perpetual Sorrow, I am a terrible sinful person, I know i deserve to burn for stealing my neighbor's garden gnome, Please Forgive Me!"

Methodist Prayer-"Well, Let's see here, I sinned pretty bad so how about we just forget about it and star off new."

Episcopal Prayer-"Oh yeah, I'm sorry i passed out on the street after winning the tequila contest. Also, I think I should add a MY BAD for punching George in my drunken rage but George was annoying the hell out of me"
by Jadali April 26, 2008
One of the world's dominant religions, combining the philosophy of the Greeks with pagan practices and the moral rigor of Judaism, centered around the teachings of Jesus (Yeshua).

Christian theology has ingeniously solved the dilemma of mercy and justice and provided the basis for equality before the law, appreciation of science and education, and the addition of a moral basis to political structures, and the truest rationale for human rights.

Many of the ant-christian intellectual elite would like us to believe, however, that before Christianity, mankind lived a peaceful and idyllic existence without corruption, bigotry, or warfare.
Those angry about Christianity are often using christian standards of right and wrong.
by Killing Kittens December 02, 2004

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