The most popular religion in the world. Fancy words and loving attitudes are shown to unsuspecting people who are sucked into these beliefs and are greatly influenced to show faith towards this group's beliefs. This way of life limits the human being's mind but rather creates clones who have been brainwashed by propaganda. Seems as though a lot of religious teachings are pure and sacred until years of assholes sticking their fingers in it and trying to make money off of it come by and fuck it all up.
The christian church charged me a fee to partake in its gatherings, that's when I knew Christianity is full of shit.
by Pete Dubs February 19, 2006
not a religion, but a relationship with the loving God of the universe who created us in his image. God sent his only Son Jesus, as a man, who lived a blameless life, the one man who didn't deserve to die, to be crucified for the sins of every man who was, is, and will live. through this sacrafice, we can enjoy a wonderful relationship with God. all you have to do is ask for forgiveness and believe Jesus died and rose again on the 3rd day. Salvation is a gift that not one of us deserves but is given freely!
Christianity has allowed me to live a Glorious life, full of healings, love, and prosperity!
by ROOOGAN October 17, 2005
a religon that started out as a cult (and that's the truth...LIKE IT OR NOT)
....I'm not a christian tho...
by Dirge February 13, 2005
A relationship with Christ, commonly viewed as narrow-minded by non-believers who think its real funny to insult people with obscene references over the Internet. Big man.
I'll pray for you, because although I think you're a moron, I'm supposed to love you.
by Chris July 16, 2003
1) probably one of the most mis-used words in the world...viewed as a religion...which if you think about its all...but i will use it in the following definitions for lack of a better word...forgive me...
2) a "religion" that 50% of people will claim to be, but in reality less than 5% truly knows what is it to be a christian...
3) a "religion" in which most of the people that turn away from it are doing so because of christians...
4) one of the only truths in this world, and everone will know it one way or another.
person 1: i think christianity is a religion
person 2:...define religion...
person 1:hmmm *looks at dictionary* a set of moral guidelines to live by
person missing the point...its not about what you have to do...its about whats all ready been done for you because you could not do it yourself...
person 1: wow...
person 2: exactly
by a new person in christ October 21, 2006
a religion for people who were either brainwashed as children, ignorant, dumb as hell, or afraid to believe that maybe there isn't a god always looking out for you. And many of them are in denial about the millions of people that have been tortured and killed over it. The truth hurts, doesn't it?
if i ever succumb to christianity, i seriously hope someone chops my balls off.
by your soon to be ruler August 09, 2005
One of the world's dominant religions, combining the philosophy of the Greeks with pagan practices and the moral rigor of Judaism, centered around the teachings of Jesus (Yeshua).

Christian theology has ingeniously solved the dilemma of mercy and justice and provided the basis for equality before the law, appreciation of science and education, and the addition of a moral basis to political structures, and the truest rationale for human rights.

Many of the ant-christian intellectual elite would like us to believe, however, that before Christianity, mankind lived a peaceful and idyllic existence without corruption, bigotry, or warfare.
Those angry about Christianity are often using christian standards of right and wrong.
by Killing Kittens December 02, 2004

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