The belief that there is a loving entity out there that supposedly created our planet and us. This belief is complete nonsense. Because of a paradox. The paradox and it's explanation are below.

Omniscience vs. Human Free will. A Paradox.

Omniscience: Perfect knowledge of past and future events.
Free will: Freedom to choose between alternatives without external coercion.
Paradox: Statements or events that have contradictory and inconsistent properties.


Christianity cannot claim that God is omniscient and also claim that humans have free will. The claims form a paradox, a falsehood.


If God is omniscient then even before we are born God will have complete knowledge of every decision we are going to make.

Any apparent choice we make regarding the acceptance or denial of Jesus as a savior is predetermined. This must be true to satisfy the assertion that God is omniscient. Effectively we have no choice in the matter. What we think is free will is an illusion. Our choices have been coerced since we exist and act according to the will of God.

Alternatively if human free will is valid, meaning that the outcome of our decisions is not pre-determined or coerced, then God cannot be omniscient, since he would not know in advance our decisions.

Continuation in the example

If God knows the decision of every individual, before they are born, regarding the acceptance or denial of Jesus as a savior, then why does he create one set of individuals destined for heaven and another set destined for eternal damnation? This seems unjust, perverse and particularly evil.


If God is omniscient then humans do not have free will (see argument above) and the apparent arbitrary choice of God to condemn many individuals to eternal damnation is evil. I.e. God does not possess the property of omni benevolence and is therefore not worth our attention.

If humans have true free will then God cannot be omniscient (see argument above). If he is not omniscient then he also cannot be omnipotent since knowledge of the future is a prerequisite for total action. Without these abilities God can no longer be deemed a god – i.e. God does not exist.

If humans do not have free will then the choice of whether to choose Jesus as a savior or not makes total nonsense of Christianity since the choice is pre-determined and we are merely puppets at the hands of an evil monster.
by Saphlan February 01, 2011
if you want to do it then its a sin.
Nick sat down and watched tv
thats christianity for you
by Dubickimus August 24, 2010
1) probably one of the most mis-used words in the world...viewed as a religion...which if you think about its all...but i will use it in the following definitions for lack of a better word...forgive me...
2) a "religion" that 50% of people will claim to be, but in reality less than 5% truly knows what is it to be a christian...
3) a "religion" in which most of the people that turn away from it are doing so because of christians...
4) one of the only truths in this world, and everone will know it one way or another.
person 1: i think christianity is a religion
person 2:...define religion...
person 1:hmmm *looks at dictionary* a set of moral guidelines to live by
person missing the point...its not about what you have to do...its about whats all ready been done for you because you could not do it yourself...
person 1: wow...
person 2: exactly
by a new person in christ October 21, 2006
One of the world's dominant religions, combining the philosophy of the Greeks with pagan practices and the moral rigor of Judaism, centered around the teachings of Jesus (Yeshua).

Christian theology has ingeniously solved the dilemma of mercy and justice and provided the basis for equality before the law, appreciation of science and education, and the addition of a moral basis to political structures, and the truest rationale for human rights.

Many of the ant-christian intellectual elite would like us to believe, however, that before Christianity, mankind lived a peaceful and idyllic existence without corruption, bigotry, or warfare.
Those angry about Christianity are often using christian standards of right and wrong.
by Killing Kittens December 02, 2004
A relationship with Christ, commonly viewed as narrow-minded by non-believers who think its real funny to insult people with obscene references over the Internet. Big man.
I'll pray for you, because although I think you're a moron, I'm supposed to love you.
by Chris July 16, 2003
One woman's lie about an affair that got seriously fucking out of hand.
I was screwing this chick from Nazareth last night when she started screaming "oh god!" so loud her dumb ass husband nearly caught us. I quickly jumped out the window while she explained christianity to him - Gabriel the butcher.
by Gregology January 19, 2012
1. A religion with both teachings of good and evil, yet has been responsible for the majority of the world's evil in the past 2,000 years.
2. A religion whose followers refuse to practice what Jesus Christ teaches.
3. A fairy tale, contradictory in and of itself, written in four contradictory plagiarized versions, of a peasant born to a "virgin" woman who cheated on her fiancé with a deity, was raised by her and a carpenter, grew up to be a magic teacher who did magic acts, died on a cross as a scapegoat for nothing he had done wrong, and rose from the dead as if nothing ever happened.
4. The belief that a cosmic Jewish zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree. Makes perfect sense.
1. Christianity may have been a good religion to begin with, but was perverted by many of its followers when they committed various acts of stupidity and evil.
2. Many Christians today are hypocrites.
3. The Biblical stories, especially Christianity, will one day be sorted into the mythology section along with the ancient Roman and Greek myths, and maybe along with the fairy tale sections.
4. Christianity sounds like a stupid religion if you summarize it like that.
by Kiss My Ass, Religion June 12, 2010

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