The only religion in the world that offers salvation by grace (unmerited favor); all the rest require good works. In Christianity good works merely prove that an individual has faith (faith being the only requirement by Jesus Christ). Jesus Christ died for the sins of mankind because of His love for them in the same way that a parent will gladly give up his or her life for a child. Christianity is based on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God's only begotten Son. Jesus Christ is of the same substance as His father. As a human begets a human, so God begets God.
Because of the nature of Christianity, the only true followers are those that are of a contrite spirit and are willing to die for their faith. Real Christians pray for their enemies and do not take revenge.
by JustinAlex December 29, 2011
It is simply an entreaty to Love. that is the message of the Bible from front to back. however people blame actions of "Christians" who do not understand or follow the religion properly on the entire religion. Christians who judge are not doing what the Bible teaches. However, also, because Christians aim for a high moral life people stereotype them as "holier than thou" even when they do not mean to be. I think those people just feel irritated that they cannot discipline themselves in the way these Christians have. Anyone who has read and understood thoroughly the Bible, will know it is not about the so called "contradictions" and accuracy, it is not about a righteousness competition, it is simply seeking a restoration to the genesis of all things, Perfect harmony of Love.
CHRISTIANITY DOES NOT HATE ALL OTHER RELIGIONS AND GAY PEOPLE, we true ones at least, we simply do not agree with these things. "Christian" aggressive cults are not Christians, they simply feign it.
by Lover of All November 07, 2005
no, im not going to attack christianity like the posts before me - Christianity is a religion that believes in jesus, god in the form of man to show the world true love. "true love" as in we (christians) believe he died to forgive us of our sins, because before you had to sacrifice animals or in some cases your children. most people pin 2 things the bible say against each other, but forgetting that most of the stuff like "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" is outdated from the old testament.

if you hate christians for "hating" gays when most of them dont, arent you just as bad as them? think about it. most people that attack christianity are stereotypical. judging all christians by the acts of extremest.
if you judge people of christianity for judging, you're just as bad.
by choochoochrain June 29, 2010
A personal relationship with the saviour messiah.The "mighty one" of Israel.
To know him is to love him.He loves us enough to make a way for us.He has redeemed us! And we have only to believe and we are saved!
by Faith October 01, 2004
The reason we don't all fly spaceships and explore the galaxy like in Futurama. A cult that should be re-named Analanity. The faster we get rid of these people the faster we can live in a technology driven Utopia.
Insane Christian: Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about our Lord Jesus Christ?
Unsuspecting Victim: Only if you stop speaking out of your anus.

by phenixer May 31, 2013
Christianity is a monotheisic religion that originated from Judaism. There are many denomiations of Christianity and every one of them is different. You have the up-tight Baptists, The guilt-ridden Catholics, the laid-back Methodists, and the very loose Episcopals (my denomiation). It is pretty ignorant to say that all Christians are close-minded and/or hateful. This is untrue for true christians are accepting and try to be loving like Christ.
Examples of the denominations of christianity:

Baptist Prayer-"Lord Almighty, I have sinned badly and please spare me from eternal damnation!"

Catholic Prayer-"Our Mother of Perpetual Sorrow, I am a terrible sinful person, I know i deserve to burn for stealing my neighbor's garden gnome, Please Forgive Me!"

Methodist Prayer-"Well, Let's see here, I sinned pretty bad so how about we just forget about it and star off new."

Episcopal Prayer-"Oh yeah, I'm sorry i passed out on the street after winning the tequila contest. Also, I think I should add a MY BAD for punching George in my drunken rage but George was annoying the hell out of me"
by Jadali April 27, 2008
A religion which, according to its holy book, the bible, began over 2000 years ago.

It has for a long time been the most commonly followed religion in the world, mostly in the west and parts of Africa.

Recently, there has been a decline in followers, mostly in the west, due to a lot of anti-Christian material in the media - for example, controversies surrounding homosexuality, and in the US, the Westboro Baptist Church.

The truth is, even as a non-Christian, I know that in a nutshell, the bible teaches pretty much nothing more than to love one another and to have a fulfilling life... contrary to what a lot of people say; it being nothing but made up gibberish. True, most of the stories in the bible are made up, but those stories are used mainly to interpret many unanimous Christian beliefs.

Sadly, many modern Christians face a lot of prejudice due to what the media portrays them to be. Most Christians just want to live a fulfilling life and don't wish to impede their beliefs on others.
I don't follow Christianity, but at least it isn't as bad as Islam.
by Politically incorrect February 28, 2013

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