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The only religion in the world that offers salvation by grace (unmerited favor); all the rest require good works. In Christianity good works merely prove that an individual has faith (faith being the only requirement by Jesus Christ). Jesus Christ died for the sins of mankind because of His love for them in the same way that a parent will gladly give up his or her life for a child. Christianity is based on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God's only begotten Son. Jesus Christ is of the same substance as His father. As a human begets a human, so God begets God.
Because of the nature of Christianity, the only true followers are those that are of a contrite spirit and are willing to die for their faith. Real Christians pray for their enemies and do not take revenge.
by JustinAlex December 29, 2011
The reason we don't all fly spaceships and explore the galaxy like in Futurama. A cult that should be re-named Analanity. The faster we get rid of these people the faster we can live in a technology driven Utopia.
Insane Christian: Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about our Lord Jesus Christ?
Unsuspecting Victim: Only if you stop speaking out of your anus.

by phenixer May 31, 2013
no, im not going to attack christianity like the posts before me - Christianity is a religion that believes in jesus, god in the form of man to show the world true love. "true love" as in we (christians) believe he died to forgive us of our sins, because before you had to sacrifice animals or in some cases your children. most people pin 2 things the bible say against each other, but forgetting that most of the stuff like "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" is outdated from the old testament.

if you hate christians for "hating" gays when most of them dont, arent you just as bad as them? think about it. most people that attack christianity are stereotypical. judging all christians by the acts of extremest.
if you judge people of christianity for judging, you're just as bad.
by choochoochrain June 29, 2010
Perhaps the single most debated thing in the entire world, next to abortion. Involves major characters from religions across the world, such as Islam and Judaism. In all three religions, a single God stays in the middle of all conflict, with differing views depending on the religion one is looking at.

The major difference with Christianity, though, is that Christians believe that Jesus of Nazareth, a man who was born around the year 0 (while most scholars now believe the date could have been a couple of years later), was and is divine. The story behind Jesus is that God, the loving, caring, creator of the universe, saw that the world was slowly sinking into it's own evil, and sent his only son to save the people, by offering himself as a sacrifice to cleanse the sins of the people of the earth. This form of sacrifice dates back to early Jewish practices, except that instead of an innocent human, animals were sacrificed to please God and beg for forgiveness.

There is no doubt that Jesus Christ did exist, as three major world religions do make references about him, only in differing ways. The Jews think he was a prophet, not the Messiah (perhaps because his teaching went against many of the things that Jews originally thought), the Muslims think he was a prophet, but that he had little significance besides the fact that he was a wise man, and the Christians think he was divine.

Personal Opinion: For all of you athiests out there, I understand that believing in an all powerful, universe controlling Mega-God may be hard, but look around. Do you honestly think that everything, from the sky, to the earth, to yourself, just happened? It is almost foolish to say that everything just "happened", because there is so much proof against it.

Think of it this way: The Jews are foretold to be God's chosen people. They are, in a sense, protected by God, though it may not seem to always be that way. Want an example? In Jewish history, past and present, Jews have fought in wars after wars, been persecuted, killed, tortured, and nearly wiped out, yet they are still a powerful world religion, mainly in the middle east. Do you see anybody around now who worships Baal, the fertility god? Or Ra, the god of the sun? The answer is no. Those religions died off after a short time, because they had nothing backing them up. In Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, all three worship the same God, just in different ways, with different beliefs.

Now, to the point of Jesus the Christ. Scholars know, without a doubt, that Jesus was an actual man, that he did live, around the year 0.

People think Christians and Jews are so different, when in fact, they really aren't. Christians are just Jews who have realized their Messiah, while Jews think he still is to come.

My own personal belief? God does have a son. His name was Jesus of Nazareth, son of Joseph the Carpenter and Mary. I do believe that he was born of a virgin, and for those who stop there when thinking about it, remember, this is God who we're talking about. If he wants Jesus to be born of a virgin, so be it. If he wants Him to be born from a man... so be it as well, but I really don't think he would do that.

I also believe that Jesus died at the hand of Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor, and after three days, He rose again, as was foretold in Jewish prophecy.

And now, for my final statement to defend my case, think of Christianity in one last way. In the words of C.S. Lewis, let's say that you athiests are right. We die, thats it, nothing more. Everybody loses. But let's say I'm right. You still lose, but I get eternity in Heaven with the God of the universe and his only begotten son.

Let's just say I'm pretty sure of myself.
Christianity has been twisted, molted, and perverted in every possible way, by people who aren't willing to admit that their lives are not perfect. Those who do realize this and repent are assured life eternal. Those who realize it but do nothing will end up spending eternity in the lake of fire.
by Children of the King June 13, 2006
A personal relationship with the saviour messiah.The "mighty one" of Israel.
To know him is to love him.He loves us enough to make a way for us.He has redeemed us! And we have only to believe and we are saved!
by Faith October 01, 2004
if you want to do it then its a sin.
Nick sat down and watched tv
thats christianity for you
by Dubickimus August 24, 2010
Popular to contrary belief, christianity is not a religion, rather a relationship. Many people like to harass christians and the belief itself, but usually its the people who are to ignorant to think that maybe humans didn't just explode into existence out of nothing.

Its based around the principle that God sent his PERFECT son Jesus (which there are 3 entities of the one God: God the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit) to die for the world which is sinful. The idea is that you have free will, so you choose if you want God in your life.

Masses of people think that Christianity caused all these wars and man-made chaotic genocides, but most of the time, Muslims have had done most of the dirty work.

The free will part is what makes the most sense because you don't HAVE to become a christian, its a choice and no one has anything to lose. God is all love, and everything happens for a reason, pain and suffering only build your character.
God Bless you all! he loves you, you know... christianity is a choice. But for some reason people of the past give it a bad reputation. I know that its been FRAMED!
by Jerry bombiddly August 05, 2011